Tanweel Platform

Tanweel is the first platform licensed in the field of digital brokerage by the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia. It is one of the innovative solutions that we offer through future creativity digital brokerage company.

Tanweel is a unified platform for accepting applications from individuals and corporate wishing to obtain financing services with the easiest, fastest and best offers according to customer needs by connecting them with a group of banks and licensed financing companies in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Tanweel your finance broker  

All operations in the Tanweel platform are fully digitalized and do not need to visit the service provider. Moreover; The platform verifies the information provided through the “ELM” and “Simah” for individuals, and for companies, verification is done through the “THIQA” and”Qawaem”  in order to provide it to finance entities and speed up the process of obtaining offers.

We take care of every detail, your trust is our priority.

Our services are available and easy to access via the Tanweel website or through the Tanweel application on smartphones .

Customers services and products (Retail & Corporate)

Loan Request Eligibility

This free service allows customers to make preliminary inquiries about the available offers for the required loan.

Retail Financing

This service allows individual to apply for real estate, personal or car financing to the interested financing entities.

Corporate Financing

This service allows establishments to apply for Capex or Opex financing for the interested financing entities.

Certified Loan Request

This service allows the financing entities to obtain loan requests from individuals and establishments according to their financing criteria and KPIs. Loan requests KYC (Know Your Customer) will be done by “Tanweel”

Fully Authenticated Request

This service allows the financing entities to obtain loan requests according to their financing criteria and KPIs. The application is fully authenticated by relevant entities: ("Elm", “Simah", "Thiqah", "GOSI", "Qawaem", "Bayan").


Start applying for a loan and download the app from Apple store and Google Play store